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This is a memorial site for Jessica Marie Forsyth, an amazing girl who we lost on February 6, 2008 in a tragic accident. She will be loved and missed forever
Jessica Marie Forsyth came into this world on July 8, 1993, and left it on February 6, 2008, she will be forever in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. Jess was one of the nicest and most amazing people I've ever met. She was nice to everyone and always had kind things to say, while also being super encouraging. She was an amazing rider and was one that we would have seen winning at the Olympics at a young age. She and her horse Boomer had a bond like no other and trusted each other 100%. Jess was such a happy teen; always smiling. I talked to Jess almost dayly on myspace, and several times on the phone. She was one of my best friends ever. Jess was there for me through so much. I could always count on her to help me when I was down, just talking to her could make my day. But on February 6th, 2008 that all changed. While Jess was out at the barn working with or riding Boomer something happend that ended her life. No one will know exactly what happened as she was completly alone. There are many, many stories as to what happened. But I don't care. Knowing what happened won't change anything. It won't bring her back. And though I miss her more then words can describe I try to just think of the good times, the wonderful memories. I also smile when I think of how lucky I am to have a guardian angel like her. I know that she will continue to always be there for me, and that she may be gone from this earth but she's never far from my heart. So I am making this site to help remember her. Feel free to post nice messages, comments, pictures, anything that you would like Jess to see. I know she would love to hear how much she is missed. But she also wouldn't want us to be sad that she's gone, but to just keep her memory alive and share the joy that horses can bring us. You can see pages of pictures and video's of Jess and Boomer together, as well as Jess and other horses and her friends.
Jess and Boomer [pictures]
Jess and Boomer [Videos]
Jess and Friends [pics and vids]
Jess and Other horses [pics and vids]
Memorial pictures and videos for Jess
Quotes by Jess and for Jess
Songs I have written in memory of Jess
A Letter from Craig & Angela-It's time to tell our story.
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RIP Jess. I still can't belive you're really gone. I love and miss you so much girl. ilybffl<33333 ♥♥♥